you can win a free lesson, and help me out at the same time.

I've found a new on-line game, it's a fairly simple logic puzzle type game,                      but I'm stuck on level 14 !

the first 13 levels are fun, some more of a challenge than others, but level 14 has got me stumped and it's doing my noggin !

Electric Box

So, anyone that can complete level 14 ( and then show me how it's done ) can have an hour of my time in return.

But,                                                                                                                                                  best be Quick, cause I'll withdraw this offer as soon as somebody tells me how to solve the puzzle.

Conditions apply.




The Conditions ;

1. you must have a valid provisional or full UK Car Driving Licence.

2. you must live within a 30minute drive of Peterborough UK city centre.

3. offer open to new, past & existing customers.



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