Ok, Here's the Deal,

I'd run this offer for Christmas, with the intention of taking it down by the end of January, but, it's proved to be so popular I've decided to extend it !


Here You can get 4 Hours for Only £44 !

the conditions are at the bottom.


Other than that, Normal Prices are :

Old Prices were :                          New Prices are :

2007 - 2015                                                                                              2016 onwards

One hour lesson                   £22.00                                 £25.00

One & half hour lesson        £32.00                                 £35.00

Two hour lesson                   £42.00                                 £45.00

Block of 10 hours                 £200.00                              £230.00

Pass Plus Course                £129.00                              £149.00

Pass Plus (in your car)         £120.00                              £135.00

Intensive Courses                Please call to discuss

DSA Test Fees                    DSA Price List

Sorry Guys ;

After seven years of rising prices for everything else in life, I felt that I had no choice.

Existing Customers will continue to pay their existing rates :-)


No gimmicks - Just great tuition at a fair price

That's why my learners just keep passing !




4 for £44 Conditions :

1. Open to New Learners Only.

2. 4 hours to be taken as 1*2Hour First Lesson,

    then 1*2Hour PrePractical Test Lesson & Practical Test Session.

3. £44 to be paid on the First Lesson.