Tuition Vehicle

 Tuition Vehicle
After years of teaching in a Vauxhall Corsa for a well known national company, before upgrading to an Astra, I decided to upgrade again to the BMW Compact.

Obviously my choice of car has a huge impact on both my customers and myself, so I chose very carefully indeed.

With a 2.0l turbo diesel engine, a decent gearbox and clutch, the BMW is both forgiving and very easy to drive smoothly.

I was surprised to find that even though being a few inches longer than my previous Astra (although not any wider), the new BMW has a better turning circle and improved power steering. This makes the BMW easier to handle during the manoeuvres part of your learning.

The large, torque-y engine means that the car accelerates well (with a top speed of 70mph of course), which makes joining the dual carriageways easy too.

Smaller roof pillars and loads of glass make all round visibility better than a lot of other popular teaching cars, (naming no names of course) and the low profile, fold down rear headrests, mean that you'll have no trouble looking out of the rear window either.

In the unlikely event of an accident, it's also nice to know that the BMW is quite solidly built and stuffed full of airbags !



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